The stuffed sticky rice balls festival is often celebrated on the 3rd of March according to lunar calendar. It marks the day to celebrate Cold Food Festival, which is also called Hanshi Festival. It is originated from China and spreads to Korean and Vietnam. During this time of the year, the sky turns clearer and the field is overwhelmed with buds. Farmers start to sow seeds and provide water to their paddy fields.


In Vietnam, this Cold Food Festival is call Tet Han Thuc (Tết Hàn Thực). It is celebrated by Vietnamese people especially north people. They often cook glutinous rice ball which is called banh troi (bánh trôi) on that day however, the legend behind this festival has been massively forgotten and the fire taboo is ignored as well.






In this event, our guests really enjoyed this special cooking class which was taken place just once a year.

Here are the images of our beloved guests learning to make the stuffed sticky rice balls at Luong Son Flower Garden: