When in Vietnam, although English is widely spoken, especially in the main tourist spots, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few basic words to help you get by.

Some words here can be helpful for you to discover this beautiful land.

Source: Adventure In You


1. Vietnamese: The Basics

Yes – vang (north) /vung/ , da (south) /za/

No- khong /khome/

Thank you- Cám ơn /gahm un/

I’m sorry- Xin lỗi /seen loy/

Can you help me?  Ban giup toi duoc khong? /ban zoop thoy duc khome?/ 

No problem/you’re welcome  Khong co gi /khome koo zi/

Do you speak English?  Ban noi tieng Anh duoc khong? /Banh noi thien an durkh khome?/

Where’s the… toilet?  toilet o dau? /toilet uah dou'/


2. Basic Greetings in Vietnamese

Hello– Xin chào /sin chow/

Goodbye- Tạm biệt /tam bee it/

How are you?  Ban co khoe khong? /ban koo kwe khome?/


3. Basic Vietnamese for Eating and Ordering Food

Phở - Pho /pho/

Bread - bánh mì /banh mee/

Coffee -  cà phê /ka fey/

Hot (spicy)-  Cay /cay/

How much?  Bao nhiêu? /bow neuw?/


4. Basic Numbers

  • 1 = Mot /moht/
  • 2 = Hai /high/
  • 3 = ba /bah/
  • 4 = bon /bumh/
  • 5 = Nam /nuhm/
  • 6 = Sau /sao/
  • 7 = Bay /bye/
  • 8 = Tam /tahm/
  • 9 = Chin cheen/
  • 10 = Muoi /meui/


5. Basic Vietnamese phrases for direction (on taxis, buses, airport etc…)

  • Where is the taxi rank? = Taxis o dau? /taxis urh dauh?/
  • Where is the ATM? =  May rut tien ATM o dau? /may root tien ATM urn dole/
  • Go Straight = Di Thang /di thaang/
  • Go Left = Re Trai /se chai/
  • Go Right = Re Phai /se fih/
  • Stop = Dung Lai /duhng laai/
  • Go to the airport = Di san bay /di sun bay/
  • Can I have a map? = cho toi mot cai ban do /chor toi mot cai ban dor/
  • How far is it = Bao xa /bao seh/
  • Far = Xa /seh/
  • Close = Gan /gunh/
  • Downtown = Trung Tam thanh pho /trumh tam tan fo/
  • District = Quan /wung/
  • Station = Ga /gas/
  • Bus stop = Tram xe bus /tram seh butt/
  • Where? = O dau /uh dow?/
  • Wait 5 minutes = Cho nam phut /churhn num foot/