Health & fitness

No vaccination is required, but visitors are advised to receive inoculations against hepatitis A and B, typhoid and tetanus. Inoculation for yellow fever and tablets for malaria are not necessary although doctors still usually recommend them. 

Vietnam's major cities now feature international level medical facilities, while in smaller centers medical care can be more basic. However for life threatening injury it can be necessary to be evacuated to Bangkok or Singapore and we therefore strongly recommended to take out medical travel insurance.

To lower your risk of exposure to these and other health risks, we recommend you take sufficient preventative measures. We strongly advise that you consult your doctor for current health advice at least a month before departure.

Visa information

Citizens of the US, UK, EU Countries, Australia, New Zealand and Canada must hold a visa to enter Vietnam. All other nationalities need to consult with the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in their country of residence. A visa must be organized before departing your country of residence (unless you have gone through the official channels to obtain a visa on arrival service. It can be arranged up to 6 months before your planned arrival date in Vietnam. 

You must possess a full passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your departure date from Vietnam. You can obtain a tourist or business visa from your nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

All Vietnam visas are SINGLE ENTRY unless you have specifically asked for MULTIPLE ENTRY and this is stamped into your passport. Please ensure you have a multiple entry visa if you are entering Vietnam twice. The status of a tourist visa cannot be changed from SINGLE ENTRY to MULTIPLE ENTRY once you have arrived in Vietnam.


Getting visa at the airport

You can apply for visa directly when you arrive in Vietnam. It is a very simple and cheap way. Tamtravel will help you to do this. Following is the procedures:

1. Supplying information: 

  • For Visa application, we need the following information:
  • Full name (Name as in passport) 
  • Sex (male/ female)
  • Date of birth 
  • Nationality 
  • Passport number 
  • Arrival date 
  • Arrival flight number 
  • Departure date 

2. Authorization letter: 

These information will be sent to Vietnam Immigration Department, they will issue a letter of visa upon arrival for you. This letter will be scanned, sent to your email address or your fax. Tamtravel is happy to be of service to our customers,

Attention : You will be allowed to get on board at departure airport with copy of this letter. At arrival airport in Vietnam, you can get the visa with this letter, your original passport and 02 photos 4CMx6CM 

3. Stamp on the passport: 

When you arrive at the airport (in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city), go the Customs Gate and show your authorization letter. You will get visa and stamp on the passport.

You have to fill in the form with all the information required and one passport sized photo glued.

4. Visa application fee

Please contact with travel consultant for more information about visa application fee upon arrival. Getting visa in this way is much cheaper and more convenient than in Vietnamese Embassy before going to Vietnam.

For the further information, please contact us:

Safety & security

Vietnam is a comparatively safe country by world standards, but the usual common sense health and safety precautions apply. Petty street crime levels have risen in recent years as visitor numbers have increased. We recommend you use taxis to get around at night, with the aid of a hotel address card to show drivers. Taxis are metered, inexpensive and numerous in Vietnam. 

During your time in Vietnam, always keep a photocopy of your passport, airline tickets and credit card numbers. These copies should be kept in a safe place apart from the originals. You should keep valuables in hotel safety deposit boxes wherever possible.

In major cities, such as Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi, we recommend you wear minimal jewelery and keep money concealed close to your body when in public places.