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Unsere Team

Post date : 10-12-2014 | Category : Reiseführer

Unser Team

Seit der Gründung im Jahre 2004 hat sich "Tamtravel" allseitig stark entwickelt. Mit 60 ständigen Angestellten und hunderten Reiseleitern und Mitarbeitern hat Tamtravel heute seine Position auf dem touristischen Markt in Indochina stabilisiert.


Nguyen Van Dong
German speaking tour guide
  • “Every time I take that first step out of the house, I am certain that I will bring my happiest mood, thoughts and intentions to the tour group I lead.”


Bui Duc Lam 

German speaking tour guide
  • “Guiding a big group in 2 weeks is not an easy job. But this job brings me joy, and each time out gives me the opportunity to meet very interesting people. After all these years, I am still encountering new situations and seeing new places and new details I very familiar places.”
Nguyen Van Vinh
German speaking tour guide
  • “I’m only truly relaxed and happy when everybody in the group comes away fully satisfied with the journey.”